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Why should you always keep WordPress up to date

Why should you always keep WordPress up to date

Sometimes you will be wondered that why WordPress update is such an important factor. Yes, it is true that most of the people don’t know about the value of being updated. In this tutorial, I’ll show you why you need to be updated when using wordpress. So let’s see why Why should you always keep WordPress up to date.

The first and the most important factor is that the security of your site. It is the most important reason which leads to the wordpress updates. WordPress is the most popular CMS in today’s world. Take a look at this.

CMS Marketshare - Why should you always keep WordPress up to date

1. Security

The biggest portion in the CMS market is captured by WordPress. So the hackers’ eyes are also reaching towards WordPress . Another factor is that, WordPress is open source. Because it is open source, any person can download it and develop it or study the coding of it. So there can be hackers within those who download it and study the coding. Every update release of WordPress fixes certain number of bugs. So these bugs will only be fixed if you update WordPress.

If your website is running an old version of wordpress, hackers could find it and enter your website through those bugs. So it is very important to keep your wordpress website updated. When talking about WordPress, Plugins is a word that cannot be ignored. Another thing is that to keep the WordPress Plugins updated.

2. Speed of your Site.

Why should you always keep WordPress up to date

WordPress team always works on the speed of it. So they improve the performance of wordpress with every update. With the improved performance of WordPress, your site’s speed is also maximized with the WordPress Update. Since speed is a basic factor in SEO, SEO of your site depends on your site’s speed. So it is important to keep your WordPress site updated and improve your SEO.

3. Compatibility

Often when a wordpress update pops out, some wordpress plugins also offer their updates. that is because, the plugin developers use the newly added features and facilities to improve their standards of the plugins. If you are running an old version of wordpress, you won’t be able to use these new features and facilities of the plugins. So it is important to update your wordpress to the latest version.

4. Bugs

As I mentioned above, when wordpress developers found a bug, they release an update. From the major wordpress update releases like version 4.2, some bugs may still slip through these updates.  So WordPress developers release some minor updates like the present version 4.3.1. In these minor releases, wordpress developers fix the bugs that slipped through the major updates.

For an example, WordPress 4.2.3 fixed 20 bugs from 4.2 release.

5. New Features

With the update releases of  wordpress, the developers add some new features to wordpress. Those features are very helpful and ease the work with wordpress. With these updates, the developers change the outline, interface, and much more things. So if you do not update wordpress, you won’t be able to use these new features that wordpress offers. If you remember the old days interface in versions like 3.4, the interface much more different than now. As an example, WordPress 4.2 comes out with an eased way to update your plugins just with a single click.

How to Update WordPress

Why should you always keep WordPress up to date

WordPress comes out with a system of indicating you that, if you have updates pending installation. It is shown in the top bar. You can update your WordPress Version, Themes, Plugins by clicking that wheel.

Why should you always keep WordPress up to date

Or you can navigate to Dashboard >> Updates to reveal the updates you have at the moment.

From today’s post I tried to show you how much wordpress updates are important to your site. Let’s meet from our next post. Don’t forget to like our Facebook Fan page and comment your thoughts. Cheers!!!



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