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Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites

Top 5 Free CLoud Storage Sites

Good Evening Guys!!! Today I bought you an interesting article on Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites. I know that it is not about our main topic which is WordPress. But I Thought that this article must be written by me because nowadays almost every person is using one of the Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites. So we will now take a look at my list. I’ll hope that this list will help you in finding a best Cloud Storage site among Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites.

  1. Dropbox

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites

As you all know, Dropbox is the no. 1 Online Cloud Storage Site among Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites. The reason behind it is that the features that dropbox gives it’s users weather they are free or paid members. Let’s take a look at what are the features that the Dropbox is offering to it’s users. If you are going to be a free user in dropbox, they will give you 2GB Online Cloud Storage for free straight after your signup. But the great thing is that the users can earn more space by simply doing free things just like downloading their applications, referring dropbox to friends, managing your mails with mailbox from dropbox. Dropbox also have a pro plan. The Coolest thing that I have experienced is that Dropbox have NO ADS In it you can buy 1TB of space for just $9.99 per month or $99 per year. Isn’t it cool… YEAH!!!!

2. Google Drive

 Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites

Google drive is also an fascinating service when it comes to Online Cloud Storage. It is also among the list of Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites of mine. Google Drive also offers it’s user some gorgeous features just like Dropbox. Let’s see those features now. Google Drive offers it’s visitors a huge 15GB of space for free. It is basically divided between its brotherly apps like Gmail, Google Plus. The special feature is that you can allow you to collaborate with your friends in the works with your files. It also have a Pro plan which costs you $1.99/ month for a mammoth 100 GB. It also have another set of plans.

1TB – $9.99/ month

10TB – $99.99/ month

20TB – $199/ month

30TB – $299/ month

3. Mega

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites

Mega is the former name of After the shutdown of MegaUpload, Mega was started. Mega is also one of the Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites. It is also a more effective Online Cloud Storage Site. Mega  has many cool features that neither Dropbox nor Google Drive give. Let’s take a  look at the features of the Mega offers a huge 50GB of Free space. Also mega offers secure end-to-end encryption to help combat a breach in privacy. Mega Offers PC Clients, Android, IOS, Backberry Clients to work with your files. Mega does not have any referal or any Space upgrading program to get more space. But it is more effective with it’s 50GB of free space.


  Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites

Shared is probably the best when it comes to No. of GB of Free space. Because Shared gives it’s every User a huge 100GB of space. But the saddest thing is that most of the users don’t know about this. But places their ads on the user’s client area. But it is not a concerning factor despite of 100GB space. The file size limit is 2GB. I think that, has overtaken Dropbox and Google Drive with it’s Free Space given, but not in the other features comparing to Google Drive and Dropbox. It’s huge storage space of 100GB has gained a place in my list of Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites for surely. .

5. Onedrive

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites

Onedrive  is most probably the Hidden Cloud Storage site that is in the business. But is also a similar site to Google Drive. One would Concern that is this the Storage Platform of Microsoft? The answer is YES!!! just like Google, Microsoft gives it’s users a 15GB of space to work with the features of Microsoft. Previously, Onedrive only gave 7GB of space, but it was increased upto 15B.  You can get extra 8GB of free space by referring  the service to your friends and enabling photo backups.

This is the end of my post. Today I talked about the Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites of my opinion. So Please do us a favo, if you enjoyed this post by liking our Facebook fan page and also by droping down a comment.



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