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How to Setup Facebook Comments in WordPress


Nowadays, Facebook may be the World’s Biggest Social Media network. If we use Facebook to promote our site, it will be a positive approach towards the promotion of our site. When using Facebook to promote our site, we can’t forget Facebook Comments. So we will need Facebook comment system to be present in our website too. This post will show how to Setup Facebook Comments in WordPress.

Most of the sites which are using the WordPress Platform and also other platforms are using the Facebook comments system in order to maintain the comments in their websites. Including Facebook comments in your website will increase your site’s presents at the World’s largest Social Network. Facebook comments allow users to share their comments on Facebook. So it is a big plus for our website’s traffic. Another benefit that the site admins get by the facebook comments is that the Facebook comments reduce the Anonymous comments in your wordpress site, because the comments are tied with their facebook profiles, it is hard to be an anonymous. But the anonyms could keep away from commenting as they want to protect their anonymity. After Integrating facebook comments, you previous WordPress Comments will be showed in above or below the Facebook comments. So Lets’ see how we can do this.

To Setup Facebook Comments in wordpress, you need to install a simple plugin called Facebook Comments. It can be downloaded from here. After the installation, you need to activate the plugin. after the plugin activation, you need to jump in to settings>>>  Facebook Comments.

After you visit this page, you will have to setup some settings in order to configure the plugin’s settings. The settings page will look like this.

2015-06-29_20-40-13 In my case, I have already provided my App settings. That’s why the settings for the App is not shown here. (But, they are shown below). Fist you have to create a Facebook app in order to setup this plugin. Go to and Press the “Create New App button”. Give the App a name. (If you asked the platform to use for this plugin, select a “Website”. ) After creating the App ID, you will be redirected to the App’s Dashboard. There you will able to setup the settings of the App. Go to the “Settings” Tab in the App’s Dashboard. There you will see a “Add Platform button” with a + sign. click on the button and select “website” as the Platform.


After adding the platform, it will ask for a URL. Give your Site’ s URL. In my case, it is

2015-06-29_20-52-00After adding the URL of your website, you will need to add App details like App Domain and contact E-mail.


After Setting up these settings, Save the settings. Now copy the App ID from the App’s Dashboard and paste it in to the box which requests the App ID. There is a option to add moderators to this comments in the plugin settings. You may add the facebook profile id(s) in the text box. To get the Facebook Profile ID, Just Go here. There are another set of setting that are available for you to setup. It is up to you to select the desired settings. You can also tag this comment box anywhere using it’s Shortcode



. using After setting up the settings, you have to save the changes. Now you can see the progress of your Facebook comments Box  by loading a Post or a page.


Moderating the Comments

As seen in the above image, you will get a moderation option to moderate your comments. Also you will get a notification as the admin of the app, when a new comment is placed. Alternatively, in the plugin’s settings page, you will see a link you moderate your comments. You can also add new moderator to the app by the option in the Settings in the Comments Moderation section. Alternatively you will be able to add moderators in the settings page of the Plugin. Moderation Dashboard will look like this.


OK. Now we have come to the end of the today’s post. In this post I showed you how to setup Facebook Comments in WordPress. Hope you have enjoyed it. Thanks for reading my post. Please like my facebook Fan page and subscribe to the Newsletter. Cheers!!!



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