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How to install WordPress on WAMP on Windows

How to install WordPress on WAMP on Windows

Did you know that, you can install wordpress on Windows using WAMP server for testing and learning? Yes it is possible! With the use of WAMP server, you can do it easily. WAMP server provides you with the server environment to install WordPress locally. Most of the beginners would love it because it saves time and money because when developing sites locally, That process is speeder that developing it on the Live Server. And also saves money because you don’t need a Web Host to host your site in the testing phrase.  So let’s start the tutorial on “How to install WordPress on WAMP on Windows

An introduction to WAMP

The WAMP Servers is a compilement of Apache web server, MySQL and PHP. WAMP let’s you to run your own web server on Windows. You need WAMP to Setup WordPress on Windows. There are many alternatives to WAMP such as XAMPP, MAMP, AMPPS. But it’s my recommendation to use WAMP because it is used my many users around the World.

Installing WAMP on Windows

Installing WAMP is just like installing a common software. You can Download the latest Version of WAMP server from it’s official Website.

Note: You must have “Visual Studio 2012 : VC 11 vcredist_x64/86.exe” in order to use WAMP. You can choose x32 or x64 as your bit version when downloading. After the Download, just run the install. At a certain point of the installation progress, it will ask you to select your default browser for WAMP. Just select Chrome or Firefox from their program files. After the installation has finished, just launch the WAMP Server.

Installing WordPress

Creating a Database for WordPress

You need to navigate to http://localhost/phpmyadmin from your default browser in order to create a database for WordPress. After that, Navigate to Databases tab from the PHPMyAdmin area.

How to install WordPress on WAMP on Windows

From there, enter a name for the database and click on create button. Done! you have just created a database for the WordPress installation. Now it’s time to install WordPress.

Install WordPress

You need to Download a fresh copy of wordpress in order to install it. After downloading, extract the content of the .zip file to this directory. C:\wamp\www\YourFolderName. As in this URL, You need to create a New Folder and Rename with your desired project name. If My project name is TricksLK, my directory will be C:\wamp\www\TricksLK. After creating the folder and extracting the content to that folder, you need to run the project on your browser.

Just input http://localhost/TricksLK according to My project. Replace TricksLK with your project name.

After loading you project URL,  you will find the WordPress Installation screen like below.

How to install WordPress on WAMP on Windows

Proceed to the next step by clicking “Let’s Go”. On the next screen, WordPress will request you the information  about your database information. Enter the name you just given in PHPMyAdmin as your database name as the Database name here. Use the Username as “root”. It is the username for all the databases you create in the PHPMyAdmin. Next, Leave the Password field empty. Keep database host as localhost. Next, You need to change the default table prefix which is wp. Use any of the two letters for that as your desire.

How to install WordPress on WAMP on Windows

Now, WordPress will say all right and you are good to go. Next Run the WordPress installation by clicking “Run the install button.” For the next Step, you need to enter the Details of your site such as site title, username, password and E-mail. Just enter those details and note that these information can be changed at anytime. from the General Settings.

Done! WordPress has now finished the installation Now it’s the time to Login to your Dashboard.

How to Move WordPress from WAMP to Live server.

After the development of your site, You need to Move your Site from WAMP to a Live server which is a Web Host. It is the only way that you can put you site live on the web. We have discussed about this topic in detail. You can always find that article from Here.

If you have any problems regarding this topic feel free to ask them in comments. Again, if you felt that this post has helped you and impressed you and given the  solutions for your problems, please like us on Facebook and subscribe to our Newsletter. Cheers!!!!



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