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How to Change Login Logo in WordPress




Hi there my friends who are reading me. Today, I bought you a post that you are ever waiting for. Today, I bought you a simple plugin to change your login logo of your wordpress site. Some people would ask me about, what is the login logo. I’ll answer that question  first. Login logo is the image that appears in the page where you would login to your wordpress site. It is usually, or rather which is usually used by many of us. I’ll show you a example. Just look at the image below.


On the image above, the “w” image is the login logo. We are going to change it to a custom image of us. In this case, we use a simple plugin called, “Uber Login Logo” It is a free to use plugin and it is available in the wordpress plugin gallery. I’ll provide you the download link for the plugin, later in this post. Let’s see that how we can do it with the help of the plugin.

First of all you need to install the plugin by downloading the plugin by using the link given at the end of the post. And then you’ll have to install it. after the installation, navigate to http”// or rather settings-> uber login logo. Then probably you would see a page like this.


You just need to follow the steps given in the page that loads after you click the uber login logo in settings. You just need to upload an image you would like to use as the login logo of wordpress at the login page, Just click on the white line and the wordpress media uploader will open as a popup. just upload your image in it. Remember that it is highly recommended that you will use a image that is 320px or smaller in size… That’s all you need to do.  If the Process above is correctly followed by you, your login logo will be changed to something like this.

Download Plugin Here


Cheers!!! You have done it!!! Now we have come to the end of my tutorial on how to change the login logo in wordpress. Hope you have enjoyed it.

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