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How to add Google Analytics in WordPress

add Google Analytics in WordPress

Today’s Post is named by me as “add Google Analytics in WordPress” Google Analytics, One of the best free tools to maintain records about your website’s traffic. You can also track the Keywords used by the visitors, in the search engines to browse your website. So, If you are interested in the SEO section of your WordPress site, Putting up Google Analytics in your wordpress site is a must. There are lots of methods that can be used to put up this Javascript Code. We will use simple methods to do “add Google Analytics in WordPress” Lets see how we can add Google Analytics in Wordpress,

  • As the First step of  add Google Analytics in WordPress, You have to sign up for the Google Analytics. Go Here to Sign Up for Google Analytics. Once you have Signed Up for Google Analytics. After Your Sign Up Process, You will have an option to choose weather you want to track statistics of a Mobile application or a website. Choose the option that says a Website. After selecting the Website option fill out the Form y giving the necessary information. (mind that, fill out the form by using your actual information.) After filling the Form, Click the button that says, “Get Tracking Code” button. You need to accept the Google Terms and Conditions to get the tracking code. So accept it. After that process, you’ll get your tracking ID and a Javascript code to be added to the website. So please Save those two things.

Lets See how we can stick this Javascript code give by google Analytics to put up in our website.

There will be three methods in my tutorial on add Google Analytics in WordPress. Let’s See those methods of add Google Analytics in WordPress in brief.

Method 1

First Method of add Google Analytics in WordPress is, In most of the wordpress themes, there is an option to add Header and Footer Codes in your Websites. In my case, It is Theme Sahifa. Sahifa Offers an option to a header code or a footer code like this.

add Google Analytics in WordPress

You can use the Header Code section to put up the Javascript code Provided by Google Analytics, to put up into your Website. Paste the code given by google to you in the Header Code section and save the changes. That is all in the Method 1.

Method 2

The Method 2 is to use a simple Header and footer Plugin. Download it Here. Just Like in the method 1 You have to add the Javascript Code in the Head section of the fields given by the plugin. Just Like in this Picture.

add Google Analytics in WordPress

Done. The method 2 is also finished. Let’s move in to the Method 3.

Method 3

add Google Analytics in WordPress

The third method is that to use the Yoast Google analytics WordPress Plugin. It is the recommended method by me. Configuring Google Analytics with this plugin is very easy. The step by step method on add Google Analytics in WordPress by the use of this Yoast plugin can be found Here. It quit good to refer that installation guide instead of posting it here.

Now you’ll have a brief idea on add Google Analytics in Wordpress. Hope you have enjoyed it. Let’s Meet together from another Post. Till Then, Its Good Bye For all of you!!!



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