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Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

    These days, WordPress is updating it’s versions in about once a month. As well as plugins are updating in about once a month. It is quite a good  thing in some-ways. Because it can debug the errors in the wordpress system. But in otherways it can bug your bug less WordPress installation. In this case it is helpful in somecases  but it is a bullshit in some cases. Did you know that wordpress can automatically update your wordpress powered site? The wordpress Automatic Update includes themes, Plugins, as well.there are some Security advantages that can be gained by the automatics updates. But despite of them, the automatic updates in wordpress can sometimes break your website. In this post I’m going to show that how to disable it despite of the security benefits. You can as always, update your wordpress themes, Plugins manually as it is the safest option for applying updates to your wordpress Installations. So let’s start the Tutorial on Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress.

First of all we will move on the easiest method of the process of disabling automatic updates in WordPress.

Method 1

The easiest method is that to install and configure the Disable Updates Manager Plugin. It can be Downloaded here.

You can always configure your Disable Updates manager plugin settings by stepping up to Plugins>> Easy Updates Manager >> Configuration

The easy  Updates Manager allows you to take the control of the all the updates in wordpress including wordpress core upates, Theme Updates, Plugin Updates. With the help of this Plugin, You can disable the updates of the Plugins one by one. You can also Disable any theme updates.

Method 2

The second method is to edit wp-config.php file.

All you need to do is that, Change this code into something like this.

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );

if you edit this  code this in to something like this, WordPress Automatic updates will be turned off.

This is all I have brought for you today. I’ll hope that this small tutorial will help you in keeping your wordpress powered site healthily and bug free. It is my advice to just turn off only the Automatic Updates of the Plugins and themes, not WordPress Core Updates. So this is the end of this small tutorial. So If you like my posts, Please give us a like on facebook and Subscribe to our Mail List. The its Cheers!!! till my next post!!! Good Bye…



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