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Wordpress Tricks

Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

    These days, WordPress is updating it’s versions in about once a month. As well as plugins are updating in about once a month. It is quite a good  thing in some-ways. Because it can debug the errors in the wordpress system. But in otherways it can bug your bug less WordPress installation. In this case it is helpful in ... Read More »

How to add Google Analytics in WordPress

Today’s Post is named by me as “add Google Analytics in WordPress” Google Analytics, One of the best free tools to maintain records about your website’s traffic. You can also track the Keywords used by the visitors, in the search engines to browse your website. So, If you are interested in the SEO section of your WordPress site, Putting up ... Read More »

Top 5 best chat plugins for wordpress

Today, I’m going to focus my mind on a different topic on wordpress. Hope you’ll like it. Today I’m going to present you an article on top 5 best chat plugins for wordpress. These plugins will appear on anywhere on your site, that you need to appear them. Your work  on  online chat with clients will be easier and more ... Read More »

How to Create a Password Protected Download in WordPress

Hi there, all of my friends who are my readers. In my journey of providing you the latest tips on wordpress, this is the fourth post of mine. In my fourth post I would like to post, how to create a password protected download in wordpress. It is quit an interesting story for the wordpress users. Let’s start our small ... Read More »

How to Change Login Logo in WordPress

    Hi there my friends who are reading me. Today, I bought you a post that you are ever waiting for. Today, I bought you a simple plugin to change your login logo of your wordpress site. Some people would ask me about, what is the login logo. I’ll answer that question  first. Login logo is the image that ... Read More »

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