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How to Add Voice Search to your WordPress Site

You must be more familiar with the voice search capability of Google now. But, did you thought that the feature can be added to your WordPress site also. Yes! now it is a possible task. In this article, we are going to show you that how to add this feature to your WordPress site also. Some benefits that the webmasters ... Read More »

How to Connect Google Drive to WordPress Media Library

Hello, and welcome to my today’s post. Most people use Google Drive as their online Cloud Storage provider these days because is very trustworthy and most importantly, it gives away FREE 15GB of online Cloud Storage. So most people are addicted to Google drive because of it’s Features. Most People download the files in their Drive and re-upload into their ... Read More »

Find The Theme of any wordpress site

When talking about wordpress, there are millions of topics to be questioned. Among them, the theme of the wordpress site is a main thing. All the WordPress users try to beautify the site by applying a beautiful theme. But we must care about that we must apply a theme that will not cause our Webster’s loading speed. It is not ... Read More »

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