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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Jetpack For WordPress.

Jetpack is a useful plugin which is developed by Automattic. It enhances the power of the WordPress by adding simple but more effective add-ons to WordPress. In today’s article, I ‘m going to show you the 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Jetpack For WordPress 1. Photon – A Free CDN Photon is a Free Content Delivery Network which ... Read More »

How to Add Voice Search to your WordPress Site

You must be more familiar with the voice search capability of Google now. But, did you thought that the feature can be added to your WordPress site also. Yes! now it is a possible task. In this article, we are going to show you that how to add this feature to your WordPress site also. Some benefits that the webmasters ... Read More »

How to Hide a Post From Home Page in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to hide your specific posts from your homepage of your WordPress site? You can either password protect your posts to hide your posts from clients. But think that, you wanted to simply hide your posts from homepage. In this case we’ll show you how to hide posts from specific places like, homepage, categories, search results etc. ... Read More »

How to Connect Google Drive to WordPress Media Library

Hello, and welcome to my today’s post. Most people use Google Drive as their online Cloud Storage provider these days because is very trustworthy and most importantly, it gives away FREE 15GB of online Cloud Storage. So most people are addicted to Google drive because of it’s Features. Most People download the files in their Drive and re-upload into their ... Read More »

Backup your WordPress site into Google Drive

          We all know that backing up our site is a must. There are tons of plugins that do this job for you. But all of them store the backups on your server, most probably in the wordpress root or any other location on the server that you choose to store them. But, what to do, if there will be ... Read More »

Secure Your WordPress Website

    Most of us using wordpress to power our sites, usually don’t really concern about the back-end security of the site. Secure Your WordPress Website is a must in today; world. Now WordPress releases it’s new updates to the WordPress Core almost once a month. These new updates contains the fixes to the security issues that the former wordpress core ... Read More »

How to add Google Analytics in WordPress

Today’s Post is named by me as “add Google Analytics in WordPress” Google Analytics, One of the best free tools to maintain records about your website’s traffic. You can also track the Keywords used by the visitors, in the search engines to browse your website. So, If you are interested in the SEO section of your WordPress site, Putting up ... Read More »

Top 5 best chat plugins for wordpress

Today, I’m going to focus my mind on a different topic on wordpress. Hope you’ll like it. Today I’m going to present you an article on top 5 best chat plugins for wordpress. These plugins will appear on anywhere on your site, that you need to appear them. Your work  on  online chat with clients will be easier and more ... Read More »

How to Create a Password Protected Download in WordPress

Hi there, all of my friends who are my readers. In my journey of providing you the latest tips on wordpress, this is the fourth post of mine. In my fourth post I would like to post, how to create a password protected download in wordpress. It is quit an interesting story for the wordpress users. Let’s start our small ... Read More »

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